Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you!!

I am getting ready to head out to Safeco for the finale to my Giving Every Day in May. I am really excited about how the afternoon is going to play out. I cannot give enough thanks to the Seattle Mariner organization for giving me the opportunity to make my idea into a reality. And there are a few others I must thank for giving of their time. Dan & Annie Wilson, wonderful and longtime supporters of Soul, for joining me to make the experience so much better, my good friend Ben Nakamura who has been a huge support to me this month and joining me today on his day off to ensure that all runs smoothly and the Mariner Moose who is also joining us on his day off. The kids are all going to be thrilled and I cannot wait to capture it all!!

And finally I must thank the 4 families who have donated to Soulumination to be a part of today's experience. Their giving exceeded $1,100. I have not had time to count my total month's donation but I know it must have helped me get close to my $5,000 goal.


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