Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Father's Day Gift

I may be biased but the gift of family pictures is one of the best gifts you can give.  The receiver of the gift is always grateful and it is a gift that becomes more valuable with the passing of time.
I was excited to photograph this family for the first time as a Father's Day gift.  It was a sunny day, but these kids did so great finding a few shady spots to capture them in all their cuteness.
They were full of hugs and kisses for their mom, dad and dogs.  I loved capturing all the love they had to share.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Often I hear, "I wish I would have done family pictures when my kids were younger..."  I think every parent feels this way at some point.  This sitting is a great example showing it is never too late for family photos.
With daughters graduating from college and high school, this mom was excited to gather her family for pictures to celebrate and commemorate their achievements, while also documenting the love that binds them.  I had such a great morning with them all!

Married for 61 years and as affectionate as ever.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I first met these twins when I photographed their pre-school.  This was the first time I was getting more than 5 minutes with them. And this time, I got to capture them blanketing their mom with hugs and love.  Looking through these makes me want to do the same with my boys.  I am grateful for her investing her time and money in me to give her images that I hope will remain with her forever and for reminding me that this time with my boys is fleeting and I need to do the same with them.  Andrea, I hope you love these...your boys are great!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I am always confident I can get all the images anyone would ever need to capture their family's moment in time in less than an hour.  But soon after we started this next sitting, a call came in that cut it short (15 minutes was what we had together).  I am excited to share with their mom how great her kids did, but wishing there was time to get a few more of this dynamic duo time.  I still hope these bring some smiles for years to come.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The importance of photos

I have been fortunate to photograph this family of six for a few years running.  I am grateful for their return each year and am always amazed at the growth and change that takes place in a year.  Earlier this year, I received an email sharing an image from a wall of their home.
It was fun to see what she created from the years of imagery.  While we were in the midst of this sitting, she mentioned a few times to her kids, "Remember, this is going is for the photo wall."  The kids would straighten right up and fall in line, leaving me to believe they loved the photos on the wall as much as their mom did.
This reminded me of something I heard many years ago from another client.  She filled her home with wall canvases of all sizes of her four children.  When I visited her home, she said, "I think some people may think I am a narcissist with pictures of my family all over my home, but seeing my children's smiles always makes me smile AND someone once told me that it is important for children to see themselves in pictures.  It is good for their self esteem to see happy, beautiful images of themselves."  I have come to believe this very true from my own childhood experience with limited images, my children's experience with numerous images in our home and now through seeing these children's' reaction to their mom's mention of their photo wall.

I appreciate her sharing this image with me and giving me the opportunity to add to her photo wall.
I hope she loves these images as much as she has loved years past.