Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From Singapore to the Sculpture Park

Before they move to Singapore a handful of years ago, I was lucky to have this family for neighbors.  I was honored to receive their email asking me to photograph their family during their summer visit to Seattle.  We met at the Sculpture Park and enjoyed wandering throughout the grounds.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I love photographing boys.  But it often is accompanied by uneasy, frustrated parents.  These boys were giving their parents a run for their money because their silliness was at the forefront.  I am never worried that I won't be able to capture great is about "reading between the lines" of silliness that the personalities lie and rarely does it stay hidden.  In fact, I am sharing two images that are almost the same, except the son is laughing and not looking at the camera.  I actually like this image more than the one where they are both looking at the camera.  There is something about it w/ his mom that I really like.
I was excited to share all the pictures with their parents.  I always hope there is a little bit of surprise how many images they love compared to what they had been expecting.  I hope this great family will love these pictures for the beauty of their hometown and their family!
I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph this family before they relocated to Maine.  Rain was in the forecast, but looking at these images you will see that we hit the perfect window before the clouds opened up.  They were such a full of life, easy going family that I felt fortunate to cross paths with before their move.
Keeping up with the energy of two boys is something I love about my job.  Like many parents, these two were a bit exacerbated by their sons' behavior.  But I reassured them that their unrestrained energy made my job more fun because it allows me to capture them spontaneously, when their true spirits shine. There are always moments when they are quiet and introspective that follow and it is fun to surprise the unsuspecting parents with images they were sure could not be captured.

With work, family and other projects, my photography blogging tends to take a back burner.  I often get questioned if I am still photographing kids and families.  The answer is a definite yes, but I have been trying my best to create efficiencies in my work and often blogging does not make the priority list.  I have found some quiet time today and wanted to take the time to share a few recent sittings.

This was the second time I have photographed this beautiful family.  It was a little mind boggling that over 10 years had past.  I don't even have pictures I can share here because it was before the digital age.  Their daughters had grown into stunning and mature young women.  They were together to celebrate their youngest's high school graduation.  I have known their parents for years and I couldn't help snapping one of their mom.  She is stunning and I wanted her to see how beautiful she looked for having two adults girls! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Working through these images was tons of fun for me.  This family has let me photograph them over the years and their relaxed vibe with fun, spirited kids is always a recipe for success.  We started with a few pictures inside when I arrived.  I had a first...photographing a guinea pig...I can see a coffee table book in my future.  A very cute subject, elevated by the most loving care giver ever.  The first set of her brother illustrates where we started...a little shy and unsure.  It didn't take long for him to warm up and have me rolling with laughter right along with him.  I always love watching young siblings try to hug each other...never picture perfect, but always filled with more love and emotion than the nice, soft hug.  Since we were in their backyard, capturing a few "at play" pics were essential.  These kids are stunning on the outside which mirrors their beautiful personalities.  LOVE this family and am thankful they continue to ask me to document their family!!