Thursday, August 21, 2014

I have been photographing these three since they were infants. Their mom is giving them an amazing gift of documenting their growth and changes each and every year. What I love most is the images that reflect the kids' love, humor and connectedness they share with each other. The moments are fleeting and evolve as they age and I love that they will have images to cherish the spontaneous hugs, laughter and love they shared together.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Looking at these images really reminds me to be grateful the twists and turns in my life brought me to be a photographer.  This really has nothing to do w/ these specific images, but with the people captured in them.  I met their mother when she attended one of my workshops.  As she was leaving the half day event we struck up a conversation.  Truth be told, I had been dreading that Saturday morning workshop as it approached.  I really just wanted to have a day off from work and spend it with my family.  But as soon as this mother departed (after our 45 minute conversation), I remember immediately telling my husband that leading the workshop was worth it because I got to meet such a great person that day.
Almost five years have passed since that day and I was so excited we were able to find time to photograph her family for a second time (here is the first).  I have grown to love this family so much.  They have become friends that I cherish.  If I hadn't been a photographer, I would have missed out on the good fortune of having these friends that make me laugh, help me learn and inspire me to do more.
My favorite part of this sitting was capturing the strong bonds of love this family so openly share with each other.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Since my oldest son was in preschool, I have offered my services to his school.  This year marked my 7th year and I received the nicest email from one mom.  She shared her excitement that I was going to be doing school pictures again because her youngest was now there and she would have a picture to add to the wall next to her other boys' pictures.  She made my day by sharing her excitement with me.  A few months later, she sent me an email with a picture of her wall with the 3 portraits side by side.  Her wall was complete.  I am not sure I will ever forget receiving her email.  Although it was brief, her gratitude was vast and I was so thankful for her sharing the closure of her wall portrait project.
So, this summer, I was excited when she emailed hoping to set up a sitting for her family.  A gift from her mother-in-law.  I couldn't wait to give her images of her whole family to add to the individual images of her boys.  Given her thoughtful emails, I knew how much she must appreciate the gift of family portraits she would be receiving.
I loved photographing this family.  I do have a small bias towards boys, given I have two of my own.  I couldn't wrap my mind around having more than two, but after photographing the youngest in this family, it sure made me a tad envious because he had such a special spark to him.  The youngest always gets a little underdocumented, so I am oversharing pictures of him with this post and I think you will see how amazing his little personality is.  His brothers were great as well and so patient and cooperative with him.  I loved meeting their grandparents.  I hope they will cherish the gift they gave to their family as much as I know their son and daughter-in-law will.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four years ago, I first photographed this family.  It is crazy how quickly time passes with kids growing and changing so much.  I know it is a major investment of money, time and coordination for families to plan a family sitting, but as I look at this family's images from 2010 and this year, I am reminded how special it is to capture the moments in time because they are fleeting.
These kids were incredible to work mature, respectful and attentive.  My favorite part of my time with them was capturing a few in between moments when the love and connection this family shares really shined.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From Singapore to the Sculpture Park

Before they move to Singapore a handful of years ago, I was lucky to have this family for neighbors.  I was honored to receive their email asking me to photograph their family during their summer visit to Seattle.  We met at the Sculpture Park and enjoyed wandering throughout the grounds.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I love photographing boys.  But it often is accompanied by uneasy, frustrated parents.  These boys were giving their parents a run for their money because their silliness was at the forefront.  I am never worried that I won't be able to capture great is about "reading between the lines" of silliness that the personalities lie and rarely does it stay hidden.  In fact, I am sharing two images that are almost the same, except the son is laughing and not looking at the camera.  I actually like this image more than the one where they are both looking at the camera.  There is something about it w/ his mom that I really like.
I was excited to share all the pictures with their parents.  I always hope there is a little bit of surprise how many images they love compared to what they had been expecting.  I hope this great family will love these pictures for the beauty of their hometown and their family!
I was excited to have the opportunity to photograph this family before they relocated to Maine.  Rain was in the forecast, but looking at these images you will see that we hit the perfect window before the clouds opened up.  They were such a full of life, easy going family that I felt fortunate to cross paths with before their move.
Keeping up with the energy of two boys is something I love about my job.  Like many parents, these two were a bit exacerbated by their sons' behavior.  But I reassured them that their unrestrained energy made my job more fun because it allows me to capture them spontaneously, when their true spirits shine. There are always moments when they are quiet and introspective that follow and it is fun to surprise the unsuspecting parents with images they were sure could not be captured.

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