Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Throughout this past month of my fundraising campaign I had a little girl front and center in my mind. I had the honor of photographing her a handful of times over the past 5 yrs and each time I was completely floored by her incredibly bright spirit. She shared smiles so easily and they just light up everything around. Yesterday morning the weather here was crazy rain and then it just stopped. Blue skies emerged, clouds parted and the sun shone brighter than it has in weeks. It was a stunning Seattle afternoon. And I believe it was Sarah's brightness shining down on all of us. She touched so many people in her short life and she will be missed.
She is putting a stamp on the purpose behind my GEDIM campaign. Images are something that are so important to families. There are very few things that appreciate in value, images most certainly do. To be able to give the gift of images to families suffering the loss of loved ones is priceless. This is what Soulumination does every day. If you are reading this and have not made a donation to Soul please follow this link and do so today in Sarah's honor. Your giving will be such a gift to families who have lost so much. I am celebrating Sarah today and hope I can remember to share smiles as easily as she did with me.

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