Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have received so many inquiries the past few months about when I would be having another photography workshop. With the workload of GEDIM and summer already upon us (the NW sun hasn't figured that one out yet) my weekend days have been and will continue to be so busy. So I would like to try something different and host a workshop on a weekday evening starting at 5:30. With the long days of summer I will have no problem covering everything that is covered on a weekend day. There are two dates I am looking at right now and I am hoping to hear from those who have said they are interested to help me determine which date (if any) will work best for the most people. The dates I am considering are July 6th or July 20th. If you are interested in attending and can join me either of those dates please email or call me asap so I can determine it I can make the workshop a reality.

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