Monday, June 07, 2010

I have been so excited to share all the images from the Safeco GEDIM shoots. I had so much fun w/ all the families. It was so much fun watching their faces as they took the experience in. I was especially excited that this first family could join me. Words cannot explain the strength, courage, love and beauty that this family embodies. I met them when their oldest was brand new and I photographed the family of three before I moved to Phoenix. How excited was I when I found out they too had moved to Phoenix and I got to photograph their little guy again!! Fast forward 7 yrs and after receiving an email from a longtime friend/client in Munich asking if I could photograph a great friend of hers and many of her girlfriends asap as her friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Without hesitation the sitting was scheduled for that week. When her friend's car pulled into the parking lot my heart jumped when I realized it was the Walker family from Phoenix. It was such a pleasure to reconnect w/ this couple and photograph their adorable family. They have never left my thoughts since that fall sitting. They have been on a journey that we all hope never to take ourselves. Stacey was diagnosed cancer free last August and then a month later found that the cancer had metastasized to her brain. They have been vigiliantly battling throughout and their strength and grace is inspiring.
When they arrived at Safeco my day was completely made even before it had begun, seriously!! The time was about being together as a family, taking in they mystique of a major league ball field and watching their kids explore in amazement and I hope these images reflect their joy in the moment.
Please keep Stacey in your thoughts as they continue the battle to beat brain cancer!

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