Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I was finishing up with these boys their mom said something to me that I am sure she has no idea how much it meant to me to hear. We were walking back towards the dugouts and she said what an incredible experience it was to be there that afternoon and that it had exceeded her expectations. Relief just washed over me. When I was piecing the Safeco shoot together I had visions of how it would go but as it neared so many people questioned what I was doing and if I was really going to be able to pull off what was in my head in 15 or 20 minutes w/ each family. The morning of the shoot I started thinking I had bit off more than I could handle and the families would be left disappointed. So her words meant so much to me and they continue to resinate in my head while I work through the last few shoots.
These boys are moving to the east coast this summer so their mom was so excited to give them the time in Safeco as a little keepsake in their memory banks. Watching them run from the infield area to the warning track was priceless for me. I love the image of the youngest in an Ichiro shirt trying his best to keep up w/ his brothers. Naomi I hope these will bring you as much happiness as your words brought to me!

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