Monday, April 13, 2009

One of my very oldest friends (scary to admit that I have known her for more than 30 yrs) is one of the most thoughtful people. She was really excited to give her friend a gift certificate for a sitting with me. And I was excited to meet the little boy that I have heard so many great things about. The shoot started off a little slow as he was shy and not quite sure who I was. But as soon as he discovered I would run, play hide and seek and laugh with him he was off and running, literally. I had so much fun with him. I could have spent the whole morning with him if it wasn't for having to get home to play with a few boys of my own. I was hoping to get the money shot of him w/ his dad but he was seriously one quick little guy that was on the move. But a kiss for dad is always great and I love the quiet moments on the dock.

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