Thursday, May 05, 2011

Next week I am celebrating a birthday and decided for the occasion I am going to come up w/ a list of 12 things I have never done before & each month of the big year I am going to do one of them (and I am recruiting great women friends to join me in my firsts if they haven't done it either). And today I am excited because I am celebrating a first. It arrived in my mailbox a few hours ago. For years I have had people telling me to try and publish some of my work. I have never had time or knowledge of how to do that. But right before I left for our S. Africa trip I contacted my college alumni magazine letting them know that I had images of Sudan that they may be interested in printing in celebration of the upcoming separation. They liked that work but were really interested in my return trip to my Peace Corps site as this year Peace Corps is celebrating its 50th anniversary & my alma mater is in the top 10 for the number of graduates who joined the PC. I wrote a little piece about my return to my PC site & they ran the story and then I was surprised that they chose an image for the cover. So I am starting the year of firsts off today. Hoping for many more! If you have some great ideas for "firsts" send them my way & maybe I can do more than 12.
Also, if you are visiting my blog for the first time because of the Arches article and you would like to see image & read more about my travels enter Lesotho, South Africa &/or Laos into the search field (blog tag organization is not my forte).
And here is a look at the cover...

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