Thursday, September 16, 2010

So my youngest has always been a fashionista. He has loved wearing outfits he has created (from camo jeans skirts to full suits & ties) & he has been on the suit, "fancy", in his words, trend the past 5 months. I mentioned to he and his good neighbor friend Friday that we should do a little wedding shoot the next day. I didn't think it would fly because he is not one that is up for many pictures. But the next day he mentioned the shoot & then after we finished Dim Sum he had to get a stick on mustache from the vending machine. I called my good friend/neighbor to see if they wanted to do the shoot and five minutes later after we walked the block & these two were so into it. It was amazing to watch them together. Very serious. It was hilarious. So here are just a few pictures from the shoot. If you want to see more head to the client proofing section of my website and type in wedding for the password.

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Julia Brown Photography said...

These images are ADORABLE Tara!!