Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few weekends ago I made another trip down to El Paso. I know many are anxiously awaiting a glimpse of their pictures. This trip was full of ups and downs which has me tentatively planning a May return trip (for all you El Paso readers, yes I may be back so contact me if you want info on the specifics on my open sittings) and left me thinking of the importance of family, health and happiness. One of my clients has been in the fight for her life since the holidays and had to return to the hospital the morning of our schedule sitting. Her family is beautiful and I have my hopes up that I can see them in May. The next day brought 50mph winds, yes 50...not ideal conditions for my style of photography but all my clients hung in there with me and I am looking forward to sharing with them the payoff for their patience and flexibility.
My first little girl was is definitely one of the most independent 2 yr olds I have met. She was on the go and in control the entire time. I'm sure her parents left thinking there were very few keepers. But I told them I LOVE independent girls and I have more than a few favorites of her.

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