Friday, January 16, 2009

This may have been my longest stretch w/o posting while I am working. I definitely need to get back into the swing of things! I wish my absence translated to more time off but I have been working hard. This time of year always finds me catching up on all the work that has been back burnered for too long. And getting my business in order for Uncle Sam. Does anyone enjoy bookkeeping and accounting??? I enjoy it as soon as it is done!!
We also had another day of celebration in our house. Cooper turned 6 yesterday. And going against my party beliefs I actually pulled a party together this year. As soon as I saw the Reptile Man in person last month I knew he was the man for me! So we had a house full of kids completely entranced for an hour (can I hire this man 24/7!!) watching all the cool animals he brought with him. He is the best!! Have you ever seen a alligator go to sleep? Or a handle a python? Or ride a huge turtle? This guy is for you too! So I have to share some pics of of the party. And my one shining creative moment...had to go w/ the reptile them and it is hard to find a reptile cake so a Skittle cake creation did the job.

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Lucia Photography said...

awesome post! I loved seeing the expressions on the kids =)