Friday, November 01, 2013

These pictures make me smile for so many reasons.  First, the kids were a little unsure/shy when we first started out.  What kids aren't?  They quickly eased into things and soon uncontrollable laughter followed.  In the beginning, they we not really into the idea of being photographed and mid-way through, they were ducking into each other's picture (black and white on the stairs) and asking me to follow them to a spot to take more pictures.  As we were nearing the end of the shoot, something upsetting happened to the youngest.  Every parent's nightmare in the midst of a paid sitting.  But I LOVED it because it gave me a chance to capture the beautiful exchange with her dad and the laughter that quickly followed.  These parents were wonderfully relaxed and let the magic rise to the surface.  Magic doesn't happen in the first minutes (sometimes leading to an anxious filled time for parents), but it always emerges, even when it seems the wheels may fall off.  The wheels never even wobbled with this foursome and it was so much fun!  These pictures are in chronological order...the first two taken with in the first five minutes and the last was the very last image taken.

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