Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall's canvas

The stars aligned for this family's sitting.  I had a last minute sitting time available, rain was not in forecast and my most favorite fall color spot in the city was at its peak.  We had a great time exploring this little known gem in Seattle.  And the canvas of colors the trees provided was stunning.
I have to admit, I love all these pictures, but my most favorites are of the parents alone.  Before couples have kids, they have countless pictures together.  For most couples, that changes when their kids arrive on the scene.  The camera is always focused on the kids and the only pictures of a couple may be from a company holiday party or a quick phone snap out on the town.  I love seeing this couple embrace.  It is important to capture the bond that was the genesis to families.  These ones make me smile.  I hope they love them too.

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