Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I was really excited to photograph this next family as my husband went to med school with Kathleen so we have lots of memories from a very transitional time in all our lives. When I was in the midst of my May fundraising campaign I received a check from Kathleen even though they lived out of state and couldn't take advantage of the photo side of the campaign. They were in town visiting family and friends a few weeks back and I was finally able to meet her husband and little girl. SO GREAT!!
Little Evy was one of my easiest subjects. She was up for anything and so full of life. I LOVE the series with her parents. As we were taking a picture of all three of them she encouraged her parents to kiss which thrilled her so much that she had them do it again. I so wish I could bottle the happiness and laughter from that moment, it was the best! Kathleen, thank you for your support and your enthusiasm about my work. It is so obvious what incredible parents the two of you are and I look forward to seeing you in Seattle again soon!

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