Saturday, July 10, 2010

It has been very quiet on this blog but all is very good. I think I finally caught my breath & my head has stopped spinning from GEDIM. Summer started, a 5th birthday was celebrated, as was the loss of a 1st tooth (age 7...thank goodness it finally came out, poor guy watched everyone loose teeth in Kindergarten & 1st grade, thank goodness he is very patient) & we snuck away to the Oregon Coast for a few days. Work & shoots have continued so it is time for me to share a few pics.
I have photographed this family since their oldest was a newborn...he has grown so much & tt was so fun to see the family with their newest addition's personality starting to emerge and further define them. She has quite the sparkle! And as you will see from all the images she is so loved and loving every minute of it.

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