Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm physically back from vacation but I think my mind hasn't made it back yet. Sitting in my office trying to focus myself has been a challenge for sure! But thank goodness I am motivated to share my work with my clients. I do not like making anyone wait so it forces me to dig back in and get to work.
I met my next client less than two years ago while she was in the throws of battling breast cancer. I wanted to start by sharing a few of my favorite images from that shoot. As we were finishing up w/ this recent shoot we talked about these images and how much they meant to her. I am a believer in capturing all moments of our lives instead of trying to hide during the difficult times. They are often times, while in the midst of them, we can not imagine ever wanting to remember but as time passes it is so powerful to reflect on the past, gain strength from the experience, feel pride for pushing through our fears and take that strength to move forward through future mountains. I feel honored to have witnessed & been touched by Diane's strength in her most vulnerable time and to be able to photograph her again a few weeks ago was just as special!

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