Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I took these pictures of my youngest last month and have been wanting to work them for a long time. Finally I had to get my act together to make my annual photo ornaments for our tree so I thought I would share them here so my family can enjoy them.
They have a funny story behind them. I asked Oscar if he wanted to put on him "fancy cloths" and model for me. He was up for it and I couldn't really believe it. But when we walked outside he said, "Where are all the people?" (the boys have been my "models" for my workshops this year, so he thought all the people were outside waiting for him). I said it was just me and then he adamently refused having me take any pictures. But he did want to take a pictures with my camera. So we had a few minutes of fun and laughs w/ him as the photographer and then I managed to sneak in a close up. And then my little window of opportunity closed. But it only takes a few clicks. I think these may be my favorites of him this year.

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Kristen B. Kimball said...

That photo with him and the camera is simply adorable!!!