Thursday, October 09, 2008

I am having a tough time formulating the right words to describe these two boys. They are one of the first shoots I did after returning to Seattle 3 years ago and I clearly remember thinking how great they were and how I hoped my boys (Oscar was a newborn at the time) would end up like them. They were full of smiles, up for anything, played well together and were so polite to the stranger behind the camera. Matthew, the youngest was missing both front teeth from a little accident. I thought he was so cute and loved the little hole in his mouth. And now we are 3 yrs out from our first meeting and it is eery how my boys have followed in their footsteps. Oscar is toothless and just a few wks ago at Cooper's school the principal and another woman remarked about how Cooper reminded them of a boy who had "graduated" last year...I asked his name it is was Mark, the oldest boy. I had such a great time with Mark and Matthew this year and continue to hope that my boys will be like them!!
Michele, I hope you love these!! And there are so many more cute was hard to narrow down!

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