Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For me there are always early signs that fall is just around the corner. Waking up in the morning and finding the sky a little darker and my shooting schedule getting busier and busier. The last quarter of the year is always my craziest time of year for work so I have been doing my best to rest up before the madness hits.
A few ago I had the pleasure of doing two senior portrait sittings for two special people. I was touched when the mother of the first, my cousin who lives in Illinois, contacted me saying her daughter wanted me to take her senior pictures. I may have met Miranda when she was came up to about my knees but she really didn't know me and I was honored that I was the one she wanted to capture her as she enters her last year of school. She is a great girl who is proud of the work she has done with FFA (Future Farmers of America), she hopes to be a veterinary one day & she is as beautiful dressed down as she is dressed up!
The second senior I photographed was a boy, Max, who I met two years ago. It was great to see him again & hear about future plans that include starting his last year of high school & his family moving to a new home that will allow him to swim every day of the year which is his favorite activity. The first image of Max is one of my favorites from my first shoot with him.
Here's to the senior class of 2012!! (I am going to pretend typing that doesn't make me feel really old!)

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