Monday, June 08, 2009

A few weeks back I had an opportunity that I wish I got to do alot more of. Max's mom called me after learning about me from Lily's mom (If you are new to my blog you must do a search for Lily...she is beyond amazing). I always appreciate referrals but this one meant more to me because I know it wasn't only for my photography abilities. I think connecting with all children is so important and connecting with special needs kids are no different. I looked forward to meeting Max and making that connection. He did so great and I just couldn't get enough of his eyes. I am a sucker for hazel eyes. And it was so evident the love that he shared with his mom. And when she got her dance on behind me he just lit up.
This black and white image is definitely a favorite. These will be a surprise for Max's dad for Father's Day...I hope he loves them.

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