Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still more classes would think I may get tired of photographing them (you are probably tired of seeing them all), but I really don't. I couldn't do lots of schools but I still really love the challenge trying to figure out the hook that will open up the brilliant personalities in each and every little one. People would be surprised to find out that I am not one that LOVES to hang out with other peoples' kids. I LOVE my boys but really do not know how teachers do what they do all day long. Such an incredibly hard job, that I am thankful that they have the gifts to take on the challenge. But I will say there is something very strange that happens when I have a camera in my hand or in front of my face. I find that I really do love every child in front of me and I love finding out little tidbits that make them tick. The camera is like a little telescope for me and I am thankful that it allows me to open up and see that all kids are really amazing.
With twins that are in these classes I try and photograph them together. And I am seriously flabergasted at how many twins there are these days. So much fun! I wanted to share a couple pictures from one set of twins. They were A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E together!!

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