Monday, July 06, 2009

As I was driving away from this next shoot all I could think about was how much I love my job, how lucky I am to do what I do & how much I love meeting the people I get to photograph. Seriously, I am always aware of all of these things but this family REALLY made my year getting to photograph them.
They were given a gift certificate for my services and I had learned a little bit about why they were so deserving but I couldn't have prepared myself for how much I would enjoy meeting them. These parents had gone above and beyond in delivering their development talents for a graphic design company w/o any expectations. They just wanted to do a good job. After meeting them I gathered that is pretty much how they live their lives. They do amazing things very quietly. They have a foster daughter that they have known since she was an infant. They are hoping to adopt this unbelievably beautiful, smart, silly, sassy, unique little girl but the outcome is very uncertain but they will know very soon. It was crystal clear that they are incredible parents after meeting their own kids--Smart, engaging, funny, loving, solid young adults who are so in love with their little sister. I really wish I was eloquent enough to express how this family touch me. I LOVED every minute I spent with them and because I cannot put my words into type I will overwhelm you with MANY images.

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