Friday, November 09, 2012

It is hard for me to believe I have been returning to El Paso for seven years now. I spent less than one year living in the city and it seems like light years ago. I am grateful people continue to enjoy my images in the southern city. I know families are patiently waiting to see the results of our time together. I have been working hard on post production since returning home and am excited to start sharing the images. My first sitting of the trip was with my longest and best El Paso client. I have photographed Grace so many times I now get a little worried that I will not be able to capture great, unique moments with her. As I was waiting for them to arrive, I also was concerned with the cloudless, bright sky and gusting winds...not a great photographic combination. As much as I want to despise these variables, they are actually what makes the El Paso trip challenging and fun for me. They force me to think even more on my feet to make it work. And this sitting ended up being a great start to the trip. I have photographed countless times at this beautiful property and surprised myself by discovering another great angle to shot from. I found it because I was scrambling a little to find shade. This spot was 30 feet from where a spot I always set kids or families up but I had never thought about moving 30 feet to the right. The long tree-lined driveway was a gem and and I ended up using the same vantage point throughout the weekend. Starting w/ the long driveway got me excited and before I knew it another great hour had passed and I was thrilled to have captured images of Grace w/ her mom and grandmother that I know they will love and are different from all the other sittings we have done together. This sitting was a great way to start off the El Paso weekend!

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