Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I survived the Hood to Coast run, made it home last night and frantically trying to work through the pile of business before I hit a wall and want to fall into bed. The relay race was lots of fun but having gotten less than 3 hours of sleep in a 48 hr period is definitely taking its toll. I know there are many anxious parents waiting to see a little glimpse of their pictures. Stick w/ me and I hope to be on top of my game by tomorrow.
The first of the bunch are two kids who are full of spunk. I had photographed little Jack at Secret Garden. He was one of my shier (is that a word??shyer??)kids so I wasn't sure how he would do having the big camera in front of him again. But he BLEW me away!! These two had so much energy as we ran all over Gas Works park laughing the entire way. His sister was a natural and he just followed in her footsteps the entire shoot. I really love the black and whites of them together. The sereness and obvious love in the images just gets me.

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